Flash Design and Development

  • Flash multimedia is a very powerful and flexible medium. Macromedia Flash is the leading vector technology for designing high-impact, low-bandwidth Web sites that attract, engage, and retain site visitors - providing a richer, more compelling Web experience. Yet it typically is misused, driven by a designer's inclination to create expensive modern art instead of effective business tools. Xtreme Infosoft offers business-focused Flash design, which is effective as well as compelling.

    Xtreme Infosoft has advanced Flash skills. We make far-reaching use of Action scripting and are capable of component-based development in Flash. Xtreme Infosoft has developed completely database-backed solutions and we would be glad to partner with you in using Flash in the development of a fitting online presence. View some of our case studies ...

    Xtreme Infosoft uses the latest Flash MX to create web sites with far more dynamic and interactive content. Our Flash experts utilize innovative programming functionality & business acumen to transform multimedia into effective communication vehicle for

    • Enhancing Customer Experience
    • Fully animated navigation
    • Cutting edge visual effects
    • Sound and animation that loads quickly
    • Rich-user interfaces that enhance user experience
    • Rich-media online advertising
    Flash Business Applications
    • Flash Web Sites
    • CD ROM Presentations
    • Online Brochures
    • Web Advertising
    • Banner Advertisements
    • Advanced Flash programming, etc

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